As Individuals

Your financial investment at any level makes a significant impact for eternity at Rachel’s House/First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic. Donate a one-time gift or partner with us in regular, monthly giving. Your gifts make this vital ministry possible.

Does your employer match gifts? Many companies encourage their employees to give back to their communities by providing a matching gift program. Double the impact of your personal contribution. Find out if your company matches charitable donations to non-profit organizations like Rachel’s House/First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic.

As Churches

We are deeply grateful for the support of our local churches, which allows us to be an independent source of truth and grace to women in our area. Ask your church to partner with us for regular, monthly giving. Donate to saving and changing lives within our community.

As Businesses

Everyone in business understands the importance of the bottom line. Our bottom line at Rachel’s House/First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic depends on you. Partner with us by donating your time, service, or resources to meet a need. 

Your business contribution of any kind will help us inspire a culture for life and impact futures for Christ in our community.

Sponsor Or Underwrite An Event

Promote your business by financially sponsoring one of our upcoming events. Your support shows your corporate commitment to giving back to our community while positively changing lives.

Contribute In-Kind Services

Your business’s contribution allows us to redirect funds towards other expenses, such as medical supplies and client resources. There’s a need for every service, from general maintenance to legal counsel.

Contact us at to contribute your business’s professional services to Rachel’s House/First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic and be a part of saving lives in your community.

Donate Or Raise Funds

Rachel’s House/First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic depends on generous financial support. Give a one-time donation, set up a recurring gift, or plan a fundraiser to contribute financially to this vital ministry. Your business’s tax-deductible donation will contribute toward saving lives in our community.

Stand With Rachel’s House

Please stand up for the value of life in our community. The support from local businesses and community leaders is vital to our mission. When you stand with Rachel’s House/First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic, you promote us as a positive presence in our community.

Company Gift-Matching Program

Would you consider matching charitable donations to Rachel’s House/First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic? Some companies match up to $2,500 per employee per year.

Direct those funds to the center to ensure that more babies, women, couples, and families will be saved from the destruction of abortion in our community.